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  • Booths 727 & 728
728 WR655 1

Antique Wood Spice Chest, Dealer Item 728 WR655. $225.00

728 WR516 2

Antique Wood Sled Very Nice Condition! Dealer Item 728 WR516. $215.00

728 WR1098 1

Enterprise No. 9 Coffee Grinder / Mill, Dealer Item 728 WR1098. $1050.00

728 WR692 2

Antique Standard 2 Gallon Butter Churn, Dealer Item 728 WR692. $235.00

728 WR1100 4

Antique Washing Machine, Dealer Item 728 WR1100. $775.00


Classic 1930′s Art Deco chrome airplane

An excellent piece of Art Deco in a chrome prop plane on it’s own stand. This would look great on a desk or mantel. Fly in and pick it up and relive the days of Sky King. 336 R&D Barrett $95.00


Art Deco Bronze Statue

An exquisite art deco bronze statue of a woman holding an oval beveled mirror in very good condition. This is an early deco piece znd would look fabulous in a dining room or living room setting. 336 R&D Barrett $175.00


Old Crow advertising fugure

A vintage 24″ Old Crow advertising figure complete with top hat, tux, spats and cane; he is missing his spectacles and has a small repair at his neck ( probably from a bar brawl when he was younger). He would look dapper on your bar. 336 R&D Barrett $125.00


vintage 14K gold-filled umbrella

A nice Victorian umbrella with ornate 14K gold-filled handle. The umbrella does have a small hole in it but then so would I if I was this age. The handle is absolutely exquisite and the workmanxhip is impeccable. The handle can be put on another umbrella of your choice if you want to use it […]

Chesterfield Cigarette Sign

Vintage Chesterfield Cigarette sign with just the right amount of rust!

Great vintage metal Chesterfield cigarette signage from a long-closed family owned gas station. Colors are great with just enough rust at the bottom to make it look cool. Look for Booth #717 716/717/3032DA $98.00

Lotus Ware Portrait Globe Jug

Lotus Ware Portrait Globe Jug

Flowers and Victorian Lady with Cherubs, Applied twig handle. Height 3.5″. Lotus Ware was only produced from 1892-1896 . Featured at the 1893 World’s Columbia Exposition in Chicago, Lotus Ware was ranked at the top at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago, where they won every prize for fine porcelain. Only 5,000 pieces are estimated […]

Assorted Tea Cups

Collectible Teacups

Large selection of collectible teacups. Mostly English. Aynsley, Royal Albert and more. Martha Lyden 705-ML teacups $Assorted

Miniature four-poster Bed

Miniature Four Poster Bed

Miniature Four Poster Bed. Doll Not Included. Martha Lyden 705-ML5286 $48.00

Fine tablecloths

Fine Tablecloths

Good selection of fine tablecloths. Some are banquet size, accomodating one, possibly two leaves. Gorgeous detailed handwork on most. Some with matching napkins. All are washed and pressed. Most are near perfect. Visit case 33B.  33B-ML-XXXX $Varies

"Greenwich Villager" Antonio Borsato Figurine

“Greenwich Villager” Antonio Borsato Figurine

Antonio Borsato Figurine; “Greenwich Villager”. Made in Italy. 33B-ML-353 $395.00