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728 WR1196 1

Blachard Butter Churn, Nice Original Finish, Late 1800’s Dealer Item 728 WR1196 $775.00

Vintage Trains

Vintage Trains

Marx, Lionel, American Flyer and HO trains Larry Brown 822/821/Vintage trains $various

Vintage Phone

Vintage telephone

Vintage French Style Telephone with Crank Handle Larry Brown 822/110006/820-822/LB101 $125.00

Live edge bar 424,426

Live edge wood slab bar with 3 bar stools

This live edge wood slab bar is curved with a lower shelf and actual tree branch design on the front. It comes with 3 matching bar stools. Barbie Berquist 424,426,BB1-49 $845.00


1953 Zenith Transoceanic Radio

Original condition, repaired and working 1953 Zenith Model H500. This is a Zenith Model H500 Trans-oceanic portable radio and receives Standard Broadcast AM and shortwave. This model was manufactured from 1951 to 1953. The radio has 7 bands selected by pushbuttons to the right of the dial. The 7 bands are: Standard Broadcast from 540 […]


1946 Zenith Transoceanic Radio

Original condition, repaired and working 1946 Zenith Transoceanic AM and Shortwave radio, model 8G005Y. The sweeping lines and bold colors of this radio give an impression of power without too much complexity. It’s an outstanding example of postwar industrial design. Brad Shultz 805/1946 Zenith Trans $149.00

Signed Henri Ple Nude Lady Bronze Statue Lamp

42″ Signed Henri Ple Bronze Statue Lamp on Pedestal w/Foundry Mark Dealer 424

This 42″ high nude lady bronze statue lamp is signed Henri Ple along with the Barbedienne foundry mark. It stands on an approximately 40″ mahogany pedestal. The lamp has all new bulbs in it and works. Barbie Berquist 424BB3-23 $11250.00


primitive mandolin

A primitive Appalachian mandolin made of cow horn, gourd and leather in very good condition. This is a very unique piece for any primitive collector. 336 $100.00

728 WR1153 2

Early Wood Table Top Butter Churn, Dealer Item 728 WR1153. $675.00

728 WR1155 3

Early Coffee Bean Roaster, Dealer Item 728 WR1155 $675.00

728 WR1087 3

Arcade Imperial W/Sunkin Hopper & Shield 1890’s – $185.00

104B RF1

Oak Secratary Early 1900’s. Dealer Item 104B $1100.00


Vintage Petroleum Sign

A vintage Cleveland Petroleum Co. advertising sign in original aged condition. This is a hard to find sign and will be a valuable addition to any petroleum collector’s collection. . 336 336 $55.00


RCA Golden Throat Radio/Record Player

A vintage RCA Victor Radio/record player in excellent condition. This is the famed “Golden Throat” edition. The radio has a beautiful sound and along with a working turntable. Throw yourself back to a time where we built things that lasted. 336 336 $150 .00


weatherhead auto parts cabinet

A vintage weatherhead parts cabinet in good condition with great graphics. This would make a great addition to your retro garage. 336 336 R&D Barrett $70.00