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1950′s Childrens Chalkboard Easel

A very sweet 1950′s children’s folding chalkboard with animal motif border in very good condition. This would make a great peice for a doll room or display anywhere. Debra Barrett 336 R&D Barrett $55.00


Dealer 300 Two Door Walnut Cupboard

LE23399  Two Door Walnut Storage Cupboard.   Early one piece paneled    $1495.00


Dealer 728 Rayo Nazz Kerosene Carriage Light

WR197   Rayo Nazz Kerosene  Carriage Light   $145.00


Dealer 728 NYCS Railroad Oil Can

WR711    NYCS Railroad Oil Can     $125.00


Dealer 201 Jesus “King of Heaven” Statue

DB1000  Jesus King of Heaven Statue   Daprato Statues, Chicago, New York , Statue copyright 1926 , Plaster with glass eyes (23″w x17″d x 62″h) hand has been repaired   $2500.00


Large Deco Vase

A beautiful large Deco vase with 1930′s women in a red hat. This vase is striking in depth and color. Manufactured by Classic Clay. Debra Barrett 336 R&D Barrett $85.00


Antique ornate mirror

This is a beautiful antique mirror from Seiberling estate auction in good condition with a small chip at lower right side. Exquisite floral pattern and quality mirror image. Debra Barrett 336 R&D Barrett $159.00


vintage duck decoy

A nice early Crowder decoy with weighted bottom in good condition, some paint fading. Debra Barrett 336 R&D Barrett $85.00


Ernst &Dragstead pewter lion

A nice Ernst & Dragstead pewter lion on marble base from Copenhagen, Denmark. This is a rare piece for Dragstead collectors. Debra Barrett 336 R&D Barrett $65.00


Art Deco Mushroom or Flying saucer boudoir lamp.

A very nice Art Deco lamp in good condition; a great little period piece lamp for home or office. Debra Barrett 336 R&D Barrett $65.00


vintage Derby Town sign

Vintage Derby Town sign pointing the way; a sign that could be used in a horse racing themed house or business. . Debra Barrett 336 $50.00


sign, fishing, trout

A vintage bait fishing advertising sign in very good condition. A great sign fir the fishing enthusiasts. Debra Barrett 336 R&D Barrett $50.00

May 8 2014 010

Dealer 173 Stoneware Crock

173 BW  Stoneware crock with roses 3 gallon James Hamilton & Co. Greensboro PA  $695.00

May 8 2014 002

Dealer 201 Whisky Decanter

DB 200 Whisky Decanter  1920′s – 1930′s Amber Colored Glass  Large pedestal decanter with spigot    $450.00


vintage brass sculpted race horse

This is a nice size, rare brass sculpted race horse in very good condition; very detailed and an impressive display piece for the equine fan. Debra Barrett 336 R&D Barrett $149.00