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Art Deco Mushroom or Flying saucer boudoir lamp.

A very nice Art Deco lamp in good condition; a great little period piece lamp for home or office. Debra Barrett 336 R&D Barrett $65.00


vintage Derby Town sign

Vintage Derby Town sign pointing the way; a sign that could be used in a horse racing themed house or business. . Debra Barrett 336 $50.00


sign, fishing, trout

A vintage bait fishing advertising sign in very good condition. A great sign fir the fishing enthusiasts. Debra Barrett 336 R&D Barrett $50.00

May 8 2014 010

Dealer 173 Stoneware Crock

173 BW  Stoneware crock with roses 3 gallon James Hamilton & Co. Greensboro PA  $695.00

May 8 2014 002

Dealer 201 Whisky Decanter

DB 200 Whisky Decanter  1920′s – 1930′s Amber Colored Glass  Large pedestal decanter with spigot    $450.00


vintage brass sculpted race horse

This is a nice size, rare brass sculpted race horse in very good condition; very detailed and an impressive display piece for the equine fan. Debra Barrett 336 R&D Barrett $149.00


vintage Rolling Rock counter or wall display sign.

A rare Rolling Rock sign ‘Million Dollar ‘ winners depicting 3 of the early million dollar winners in horse racing. The sign is in very good condition and a great gift for either horse racing fans or beer memorabilia collectors or both. Debra Barrett 336 R&D Barrett $55.00


Milton Bradley Football Lithograph

A Milton Bradley 1915 lithograph of the game TOUCHDOWN. This is a large lithograph in very good condition depicting old style football players or ‘leatherheads. A fine addition for any football fan. Debra Barrett 336 R&D Barrett $100.00

Colton's Western Tourist & Imigrant Guide P1

Colton’s Western Tourist & Emigrants Guide (1856)

Colton’s Western Tourist & Emigrants Guide (1856) Guide book and Map was to be use by emigrants traveling west when there were only 10 states that were considered the West. Book gives routes and distances on the great lines of travel, description of states, along with valuable information that would be needed to travel in […]


WW2 era Military Art

This is a WW2 era military art piece showing lead soldiers examing a map and developing strategy. It is in fine condition and a nice collector item. Debra Barrett 336 R&D Barrett $45.00

APRIL 25 2014 031

Dealer 424 Boat Hatch Table

BB 1-4 Boat hatch table  Singer iron stand   $375.00

APRIL 25 2014 033

Dealer 322 Early Carved Dog – Folk Art

08324JKS,  Early Large Carved Dog  Folk art   $425.00

APRIL 25 2014 028

Dealer 424 Early Sausage Grinder

BB1-4  Sausage Grinder  Pittsburg, Pa.   $245.00

APRIL 25 2014 026

Dealer 424 Wm. G. Johnston & Co. Book Press

BB1-2  Book Press Wm. G Johnston, Good condition   $225.00

APRIL 25 2014 019

Dealer 201 Royal Doulton Shakespeare Jug

DB100 Royal Doulton Shakespeare Jug D2779  (some crazing on inside and on handle “Rare”    $229.00