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State of the Art Building (50,000 sq. ft.)

The I76 Antique Mall in Ravenna, OH is an air-conditioned, handicapped accessible, one story, newly built, steel building. The antique and collectible display area is carpeted throughout. All booths have electrical outlets. Locked showcases are displayed conveniently on one area near the sales counter.

Abundant Parking

A new parking lot is adjacent to the customer entrance. Dollies conveniently load heavy items directly from the dealer display areas to parked vans, cars or trucks.

On Interstate Highway

The I76 Antique Mall is adjacent to the I76 on and off ramps at the Ravenna-Rootstown exit (exit #38B) withoutstanding visibility and accessibility from I76.

Desirable Market Area

30,000 vehicles per day pass the site on I76. Within a 1 hour drive are 4 million shoppers with Cleveland 35 miles way, Akron 15 miles, Canton 35 miles and Youngstown 35 miles. We are also only 14 miles from the renowned Hartville flea market are where dealers exhibit wares of all kinds three times a week.

Booth and Showcase Information

Lease terms are month-to-month. We require 30 days written notice if, and when, you intend to relinquish your mall space.

Booths vary in size but most are open 12 feet wide by 8 feet and they rent $190.00 per month. The booth layout is open with an electrical outlet in each booth and a rough sawn cedar back wall.

A locked showcase (with 2 doors) is 6’ wide, approximately 7’ high and 24” deep, rents at $130.00 per month while a 1/2 showcase (with one door) 3’ wide and 24” deep rents at $75 per month. Each 1/2 showcase has 4 tempered glass adjustable shelves (24” deep x 35” wide). Cases are internally well lit using T-8 fluorescent bulbs.

The mall charges a 6% commission on all merchandise sold over $20.00 and a 10% commission on merchandise that sells for $20.00 or less.

Computerized Sales System

The I76 Antique Mall pays monthly all state sales taxes. On the 3rd and the 18th of each month a computerized, detailed account (of sales, credits and charges) provides dealers with concise sales report as well as a check for net payment due.


Exhibitors are requested to please complete an inventory list of all items in their exhibit areas in the mall. These forms are available at the sales counter. This list needs to be updated as items are sold and/or removed.

Booth Setup and Maintenance

Exhibitors are required to keep their display areas clean, the carpet swept and the merchandise dusted. Please work booth or showcase on a regular basis by re-arranging your merchandise and insuring that your merchandise is attractively displayed. Do not let customers or fellow dealers get bored with your display. We have a vacuum for your use. Please provide your own glass cleaner, dusting products and paper towels.

Locked showcases are not permitted in booths.

Removal of Merchandise

All merchandise leaving the mall will exit through the dealer door after being checked by a mall employee. A mall employee will check all containers, boxes, etc. before leaving.


Items over $100 may be held in lay-a-way with 1/3 down and the balance due in 30 days. No discounts are to be given on lay-a-ways. Remittance is paid to the exhibitor as payments are received. In most cases should a customer default, the portion received is credited to the exhibitor and the merchandise is returned to stock. Exceptions to this policy would have to be agreed to by the exhibitor.


A complimentary dealer discount will be given to customers if the item had not been reduced and has a tag price over $20.00 at the industry standard of 10%. Credit card purchase discounts are only 7% for items over $20.00.

There are no discounts for items $20.00 and under.

General discount sale signs will not be permitted (i.e. “Everything in this booth is 30% off). This type of sign lowers customer confidence, generates a less-than-professional atmosphere, and will cause a customer to believe all merchandise was overpriced to begin with. Individual items may be tagged at a reduced price with a tag that may include the old price.


For security, all exhibitors must use I76 tags. Place your dealer number on all your merchandise, display fixtures and anything else that belong to you. “If it belongs to you, tag it.” If you use plate holders, doll stands, etc. (and want to keep them) mark them “NFS” or “display only.”

Please use your initials in your item number as a double check. (If your name is John Jones and your item number is 1205, then the item number should read “JJ1205” on the tag).

Include an accurate description on the tag (tags without descriptions can be easily switched).

Give as much info as possible on description including date and location of item’s production, if known.

Tags must clearly state the condition if the item is damaged. Any repair or alteration of the items must also be noted, including replaced hardware, mirrors or glass on furniture. Non working mechanical and electrical items must also be note.

To prevent tag altering, use dollar signs and decimal points (or two zeros over a line). Don’t mark over to correct a mistake or change a price. Keep your number clear. Don’t run the numbers too close together. Example: Your $135.00 could be mistaken for $35.00 at check out time. If in doubt, make a new tag!

Special Tagging (Quilts, Coverlets, Tablecloths, Bedspreads, etc.)

These items must have a photo tag attached to them. The photo may be a Polaroid and must have the dealer number and price inscribed on the photo. We have found this the most effective method for preventing tag switching for these types of items.

Theft Prevention

We have installed a state-of-the-art security system to assist in preventing losses to exhibitors’ inventory. However, your co-operation is also needed.

A Few Hints Which May Help Include:

  • Never leave keys in merchandise. Furniture, clock or any other key should be labeled and filed at the sales counter. Please indicate on the price tag of the item that the key is at the front desk and put the front desk key number on the price tag.
  • Place a tag on each item of a set if possible. If one piece wanders away from your display it is more readily identified and can be returned.
  • Telephone screw-on mouthpieces, oil lamp font covers or caps, cranks for phonographs, lamp finials and similar items should be labeled and filed also.
  • Tops to items such as cruets, bottles, jars or any kind of lids should be securely taped to the item.

Electrical Hazards

  • DO NOT USE any extension cords.
  • DO NOT USE any fixture that has not been thoroughly inspected. Cords must not be frayed, cracked, spliced or taped. Metal lamps, etc. are especially hazardous. Be sure they are in good working condition.
  • DO NOT USE any multiple outlet plugs.
  • If an electrical item is for sale (but is not plugged in) and has any damage, this must be noted on the price tag and marked “AS IS.” The plug must be covered to prevent use in the mall. In addition, such items may be removed at the management’s discretion.
  • Light bulbs may not exceed 40 watts. A maximum of 25 watts may be appropriate for smaller fixtures with shades that are in close proximity to the bulbs.
  • Other restrictions may be necessary as situations warrant.
  • Outlets may not be covered or obscured.
  • Power strips are permitted: HOWEVER, they must have a circuit breaker overload protection. They must not be used to the extent that exceeds their capacity.

Any infractions of the above may incur a fine of $25.00 each.

A Final Note

We have distributed these guidelines for the benefit of all concerned. Please review them and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to talk to us.

Our guidelines have been established to serve as a reference for out procedures and policies. We have formalized these policies so that everyone exhibiting at I76 will be governed the same.

Our fundamental merchandising policy is:


All mall exhibitors are required to abide by this basic policy.

Merchandise Quality

We are dedicated to provide the best quality in antiques and collectibles for out costumers. To accomplish this goal, we need your pride, participation and commitment.

Items manufactured after 1958 are not to be exhibited for sale, unless they are approved first by management. Items which may be permitted on a case-by-case basis beyond the cutoff date include toys, military and political items, lunch boxes, paper and advertising material, comic characters, etc.

Items of the flea market, garage sale, knicky-knacky type that have no collector interest or with no backstamp to establish manufacturer or date of manufacture are not suitable for sale. Neither are items that can be currently purchased at gift shops or department stores, nor merchandise currently manufactured to be collected, ie. Franklin Mint and similar materials.

All merchandise is to be “room ready.” This means no “rough” pieces which include severely damaged, dirty or repainted items. However, these pieces will be judge on a case-by-case basis. If you handle primitives, please make sure they are clean and free from wood boring insects.

Items crafted from old wood or re-manufactured items are not suitable for sale.

Certain new items may be used to properly accent an acceptable antique but must be tagged as such. Items used for display must be tagged with your dealer number and marked “Display Only” or “NFS.”

These Items May Include:

  • Chairs
  • New Frames for Antique Prints
  • New Prints in Antique Frames
  • New Shades on Antique Lamps
  • New Upholstery on Old Sofas
  • Pictures
  • Samplers
  • Seasonal Decorations

If you sell prints please understand that knowledgeable customers are asking to remove the print from the frame unless it is clear the print is in the original frame and that the backing is undisturbed. If this is the case, mark the tag accordingly.

If you reframe a print, leave the backing paper off and use a minimal number of nails to hold the print in the frame so that it can be easily inspected by the customer.

Management may remove any item if it in their opinion in poor taste or is in any way objectionable, whether or not it meets our guidelines.

Merchandise in non-compliance with our guidelines will be removed from the exhibitor’s space when found.

Pay Periods

Exhibitors are paid twice a month. Pay periods are from the 1st through the 15th and the 16th through the end of the month. Checks are ready for pickup on the 18th and the 3rd of the month. If, for any reason you wish your check to be mailed please leave a #10 SASE at the desk.

We will always attempt to have checks ready on time. However, if circumstances beyond out control (computer failure, for example) occur, we will have the checks available as soon as possible.

Rents and Terminations

Rents are due and payable on the first of each month and they are late after the 10th of the month. A $25.00 penalty will be imposed on rents received after the 10th of the month.


Get Your Vendor Rental Questions Answered

Give us a call to get answers to any questions you may have regarding becoming a vendor. 330-325-9776

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